DJ FLOH - The Drake
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    • Sat Oct 19th @ 11pm
    • Drake Lounge
    • 19+

    When Anil begins a DJ set, it’s like a conductor approaching the podium; calm and poised, armed and ready to deliver an outstanding performance, with the aim of bringing the crowd to its feet for a standing ovation at the conclusion. Anil attributes his diverse range of music to his parents. Growing up in a Guyanese household, his parents often threw parties with a strong Caribbean influence of Reggae, Calypso, Chutney and Soca, but also Top 40 from the 1980s. As he grew older, he explored Hip Hop and RnB, but wouldn’t stop there. He was fascinated with the idea of being able to control the crowd through any number of genres outside of his comfort zone, and welcomes the challenge of exploring a new one if he hasn’t already mastered it.