Devan - The Drake
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    Devan (Early Show)

    With support from Charlie Houston

    • Sat May 11th @ 7:00PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    Meet Devan, a talented and soulful artist known for her unique blend of R&B and indie pop sounds. Hailing from Toronto and raised in London, her music reflects the rich cultural influences of both cities. With evocative vocals and intriguing electronic textures, Devan's songs create a captivating and emotive musical experience. As an emerging producer and gifted songwriter, Devan continues to make her mark as an emerging talent in the music industry.

    Inspired by her own heartbreak, Devan’s earlier 2023 releases "Shut Me Up" and “Still Think You Do” explored the complexities that arise when life interferes with love, allowing her to find a sense of growth within her own songwriting. Each song offers a glimpse into her personal experiences, from the complexities of love to the emotional rollercoaster of the intricacies modern day relationships can have.

    Her latest single, "London," stems from a moment of longing and nostalgia that delves into the profound impact the city had on her more formative years. Reminiscing, Devan expresses, "Whenever I feel unsettled in my life, a one-way flight to London seems like the golden ticket to solving all my problems. The older I get, the more I realize this longing is more for a time in my life when I was young and hopeful and unjaded by the world."

    Last November, in a session with Adam Boukis, a close friend and frequent collaborator, Devan began crafting the song. "It always feels easy to write with him because we just chat for hours until the song reveals itself," she shared. The collaboration continued just a year after as she brought the song to Jack Rochon, an exceptional piano player, and Jack Emblem. Together, they breathed life into the song, deepening the nostalgic undertones.

    As an emerging producer and gifted songwriter, Devan's ability to blend evocative storytelling with captivating musical arrangements promises to leave a lasting impact on listeners worldwide. With more projects on the horizon, Devan Glover invites you to join her on a musical journey that transcends boundaries and resonates with the universal emotions that define the human experience.