d4vd - The Drake
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    • Mon Mar 6th @ 7:00pm
    • 19+

    17 year old singer and songwriter, David Burke (born. March 28th, 2005) better known by his stage name d4vd, is known to be the most versatile up-and-coming artists of 2022 hailing from Queens, New York.


    Despite recording his most viral songs on just his iPhone, he’s taken over the internet with his gratifying voice, somber lyrics, and vintage production that was poised to blow up.


    d4vd began releasing music on streaming platforms in November, 2021. In the early stages of David’s music career, he would release rap and indie songs along with a drill mixtape named “The Hoodstar Diary.”


    d4vd often experiments with his sound, making songs with genres like Indie, RnB, Hip-Hop, and Rock.


    In July 2022, he received tons of recognition after releasing his most popular tracks, “Romantic Homicide” and “Here With Me”


    A month after his rapid rise to fame, his hit single “Romantic Homicide” debuted at #77 on the Billboard Hot 100 during the chart week ending of September 17, 2022. It’s known to be d4vd’s first entry on the chart.


    "I want d4vd to be a genre in itself, so I try to be as versatile as I can with the sounds that I use and how I convey emotion."

    - d4vd