Boosie Fade Debate Club - The Drake
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    Boosie Fade Debate Club

    • Thu Apr 5th @ 8PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+
    • $10

    Since April 2016, Boosie Fade: The Group has been the preeminent place online to discuss all of the issues that matter to hip-hop and R&B fans. Now we're bringing to the URL to the IRL.

    On Thursday, April 5th, for the first time ever, Boosie Fade: The Group becomes Boosie Fade: Debate Club. To do so, we've assembled four of the most intelligent and opinionated people we know and tasked them with debating a litany of essential questions to modern hip-hop and R&B music fandom, like:

    Is DJ Akademiks good or bad for the culture?

    Does it make you a bad person if you consume the work of problematic artists?

    Has Drake peaked?

    Is Kendrick the best rapper out right now?

    Is the Kardashian influence a positive, negative, or neutral for Kanye?

    Is it fair to ask rappers to be role models?

    And many more. (Plus, questions and answers from the audience!)