BER - The Drake
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    • Wed Mar 29th @ 7:00pm
    • 19+

    A singer/songwriter who often anchors her records with acoustic guitars yet will never avoid a synthesizer, Ber specializes in sensitive, emotional storytelling. By incorporating some glassy modern production techniques, Ber gives her music a bit of an upwards lilt: she makes bedroom music with a universal feel. This blend is showcased on her 2022 EP And I'm Still Thinking About That, which featured the online hit "Meant to Be," a duet with Charlie Oriain.


    A native of Walker, Minnesota, Berit Dybing -- she takes her stage name from a nickname she's had her entire life -- attended high school in Bemidji, Minnesota. As a child, she learned guitar and piano, anchoring herself in musical theater and folk, then expanding to pop once she reached college. After high school, she spent a year studying in Norway before she attended Leeds Conservatoire, graduating with a degree in popular music and songwriting in 2020. During her time at university, she increasingly concentrated on songwriting.


    Following a spell in London after her time at Leeds, Ber returned to Minnesota in 2021. That June, she began releasing a string of digital singles: "Bad for Me," "Feels So Easy," "I'm Not in Love," "Dead Dear (Deer)," and "Meant to Be" all arrived in 2021. Many of these songs were featured on the And I'm Still Thinking About That EP, which was released in February 2022. Not long afterward, Ber performed her first live gig as part of that year's South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.


    AWAL signed Ber and released "Superspreader," a single co-produced by Now Now and Hot Dennis, in August 2022.