Ben LaMar Gay - The Drake
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    Ben LaMar Gay + Bonjay + Craig Dunsmuir's Dun Dun Band

    • Sun Jun 9th @ 8:00PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+
    • $12 Advance

    Chicago based cornetist, vocalist, composer, etc. draws influence from a plethora of styles & genres, while maintaining a concise voice. His mix of avant jazz flourishes, polyrhythmic funk, electronic beats and hip hop nods create a rich sonic landscape for Gay's own mutation of "Americana". Never a dull moment in this diverse array of clanking percussion, chattering vocals, creeping synth tones and verbose horn augmentations. Ben LaMar Gay's 2018 debut "Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun" on International Anthem is easily one of the most captivating & rewarding listens of last year. Don't miss a chance to jump off with Ben & his band in the flesh!

    Toronto genre melting duo of Alanna Stuart and Ian Swain sees Stuart's voice hold court over racing beats, beamed in synth tones, married live and digital percussion. Borrowing from dancehall rhythms, soul vocal nods and dusty bass bins Bonjay collects the pieces and gives them a continuity. No sound is lost in their post genre construction. Electronic bass lines drop like dollops of some rich icing. Dance beats squirm and twist under Alanna's hypnotic vocals. Still keep it real after dropping the killer "Lush Life" LP last year!

    Composer, guitarist, DJ, Toronto musical master mind Craig Dunsmuir (Glissandro 70, Kanada 70, Off World collaborator) bring his Dun Dun Band out from hibernation. The rhythmically multifaceted ensemble pulls influence from ethio-jazz, funk, and spiritual jazz merging it with more free form elements from the avant world. Dunsmuir's trademark playfulness is at work here as multiple percussionists and saxophone players create a complex realm of textures over songs subtly egged on by synth & guitar concoctions. One of the great avant beat party bands that are still a well kept secret. Not to me missed!