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    5 Questions with: Anjeola Salami

    Meet Anjeola Salami, the visionary behind AnjBlooms, a floral design studio located in Toronto. With a focus on creating distinctive arrangements influenced by West African aesthetics, Anjeola is transforming the world of floral design. While traditional styles such as Western Line, Ikebana, and Baroque have long dominated the industry, she aims to capture and preserve the rich history of African floral art. Drawing inspiration from her childhood memories of enchanting Nigerian festivals and incorporating various African cultural motifs into her work, Anjeola’s editorial-leaning arrangements exude an ethereal beauty that can now be experienced at our properties. We caught up with Anjeola where she shares a peek into some of the projects she is working on, where she draws inspiration from and how we can support Black women entrepreneurs. 

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    + What are you working on right now, personally and professionally, that has you excited? I’m working on a cheetah print inspired arrangement, it’s been my favourite textile since I was five and I love pulling inspiration from my childhood. Plus, I heard neutrals are in this year lol. On the other hand, I’m really excited by the connections I’m creating on the road to building my business. Less than a year in, it can be a whirlwind of emotions but there’s just something about connecting with people and seeing their excitement around my arrangements that pushes me to grow my skills and cement my business as a trusted brand collaborator in Toronto. 

    + Which Toronto creatives are inspiring you and why? (…or possibly some specific Instagram handles that you follow?) Ehiko Odeh (@Ehikoo) has been a big inspiration for me, her point of view around the memories of black hair and culture plus her use of colour speaks so clearly. It’s really beautiful and refreshing to witness someone that is clear in who they are and seeing that translate directly in their work. 

    +What can be done to promote entrepreneurship in Canada, and support Black women specifically on the journey to opening a new business? I think community focused spaces with the clear intention to connect black entrepreneurs within the city, as well as connect entrepreneurs to the grants and resources available to them. Communication and collaboration will always be key, we can’t thrive in silos.

    + What are some of the essential qualities needed to thrive as an entrepreneur? A whole lot of discipline with a side of delusion.

    + What resources to you rely on to ‘fill your cup’ creatively when you need inspiration? Magazines on magazines from all eras, geographies and industries but I am partial to history, fashion and interiors from the 60s, 80s and 90s. I was raised on Vogue and Woman & Home so not much has changed. And of course, my nightly Pinterest scroll.







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