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    Art is at home at Workflow, our one-night-only weekly art showcase where emerging artists from multiple disciplines exhibit and discuss their work in The Modern Wing lobby-turned-studio space. Set to return later this month as a four-week residency with Tacit Collective, an online gallery dedicated to female artists, this series features artists Maxine McCrann, Marcia Bianchi, Alyssa Goodman, and Anji Woodley. Our Cultural Programmer Coordinator, Kris Lodu, caught up with Founder Nuria Madrenas to chat about the upcoming exhibitions, the artists, + more.   

    +Could you tell us a little about yourself?  
    Hi! My name is Nuria and I’m the Founder of Tacit. I founded Tacit in late 2019. Prior to that, I was working in marketing and PR for various fashion, beauty, hospitality, and lifestyle brands. Through my parents, I’ve been immersed in art from a young age and have always maintained a deep passion for art and culture. 

    + How did you decide to venture into founding a digital gallery and what have been the most challenging aspects of this journey so far?  

    Through my career in marketing and PR, I had cultivated a strong network of artists as I was always collaborating with them on campaigns, having them perform live illustration at events, etc. I was also a freelance artist on the side and couldn’t find a suitable platform to sell my work. I found that there were either oversaturated entry-level art marketplaces, or the intimidating world of bluechip art. I sought out to create a platform that occupied this middle ground between the two. In the process, I recognized the disparity between men and women artists, which is why I’ve decided to dedicate Tacit to women-identifying creatives. The most challenging aspects so far have been breaking into an antiquated, male-dominated space, and dismantling the traditional art world to make space for young, emerging artists. 

    + How do you choose artists to work with?  
    At the beginning, it was purely artists who I had fostered relationships with. Now it is a combination of referrals, inbound requests, and people who I find on Instagram that I fall in love with! 

    + What do you think are the most pressing issues in art institutions today?  
    I think the recent Burns Halperin Report was enlightening, in that we got to see that there is still significant underrepresentation for women and people of colour in both museum representation and acquisitions. Slowly but surely, art institutions are attempting to even out the playing field, but it is a long game. And one I’m more than willing to fight for. 

    +Why did you choose artists Maxine McCrann, Marcia Bianchi, Alyssa Goodman and Anji Woodley to be featured in the Tacit x The Drake Hotel collab?  
    I think this community of artists perfectly complements The Drake ethos and decor. As well, I wanted to choose artists who were Toronto-based so we could celebrate incredible local talent. 

    Workflow Schedule:
    April 27: Anji Woodley
    May 4: Alyssa Goodman
    May 11: Maxine McCrann
    May 24: Marcia Bianchi

    +What advice would you give to women who want to become art professionals?  
    Network laterally! To this day, I’ve found that to be a pivotal piece of advice that has advanced my own career. Basically, to network laterally means to connect with your peers – from artists, gallerists, collectors, and beyond. It’s common for people to think that you need to network with those much further along than you, when in reality, I think there’s something special about connecting with those in similar stages so that you can bounce off of one another and be there for each other’s come-up. 

    +What will be the next step for TACIT, any upcoming projects you would like to share? 

    We’re continuing to provide our community with in-person opportunities to experience our collection of artworks. We know people are hungry to connect IRL, especially in the art world, and we can’t wait to continue to deliver on that front. Stay tuned on social or on our email list for the latest updates. 


    Tacit: @tacitcollective 

    Anji Woodley: @anjiwoodley 

    Alyssa Goodman: @babyjewish 

    Maxine McCrann: @hi_there_its_max 

    Marcia Bianchi: @marciabianchi.studio 

    Website: Tacitcollective.com 

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