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    Love Made Me Do It With: Rachel + Fjodor

     Happy tears, fancy cakes, ceremonies sealed with a kiss. When it comes to weddings, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting many joyful couples over the years. It’s true, folks: The Drake knows how to do it. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the stories and images shared by June newlyweds Rachel and Fjodor for our blog this month. From pre-wedding primping in the owner’s suite, to merry mingling by the pavilion, photographer Katie Stoops captures it beautifully – with an eye for Devonshire’s best angles. 

    + How did you meet?
    Like many couples today, we met online. After canceling on each other a couple of times, we went on a date to a board game café in the Little Italy area of Toronto. Rachel demolished me in every game we played. The rest is history; We were inseparable ever since!

    + What made you decide to host your wedding at Drake Devonshire?Rachel’s family would often visit Prince Edward County when she was growing up, so it was one of the first places we picked as a potential venue. We also had guests who lived in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa, so the location was a great middle ground.

    When we first saw the venue in person – the amazing views, delicious food, friendly staff, modern hotel rooms – we were blown away and instantly fell in love with it. The day we wanted to host our wedding was available, so we chose the Drake Devonshire immediately after we toured the venue. It was everything we could ask for and more!

    + Treasured moment of the night?
    After dinner, I did a traditional Albanian wedding dance which, when translated, is called the “Bachelor’s Handkerchief”. I danced around Fjodor in a circle with his handkerchief and, at the end of the dance, burned it to signify the end of Fjodor’s bachelor life. It was such a fun dance and we’re glad to have found a way to incorporate some traditions in our wedding!

    + Favourite spot on the property?
    Definitely the Owner’s Suite! The architecture of the room is magical – you also get an amazing view of the lake from the balcony. It really feels like you’re on a peaceful getaway.

    + Do you have any advice for other couples for their big day?
    Remember that this is your special day – make it something you’ll cherish looking back on with your partner.

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