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    Making Spirits Bright: Festive Cocktails

    Festive Cocktails

    Holiday cheer(s) all around. Our festive cocktail menu has landed, and it’s stacked with Drake takes on the classics. Amongst the tasty new lineup, you’ll find a Winter Daiquiri swirling with flavours of cinnamon and clove: a Gingerbread Old Fashioned where Canadian whisky marries our house-made gingerbread syrup and a cocktail near and dear to our hearts, Drake Nog featuring cedar-infused bourbon, brandy, egg, cream, cardamom, and nutmeg.

    Drake Nog

    The Drake Nog is a modern twist on the classic, combining the richness of egg yolks with a touch of sweet cream + cedar infused bourbon. The resulting drink is silky and smooth, with a heady aroma of nutmeg and cinnamon. This recipe, by Sandy De Almeieda has been the base of our Festive cocktail lineup for 10-years. Deep winter flavours and seasonal spices have made this one of our most requested drinks for the holidays.

    Winter Daiquiri

    This cocktail was originally designed by Joaquín Simo as an autumn cocktail. We deepened the flavour base and brought it into the colder months. Bajan rum, classic winter spice and a hint of pineapple all work in unison to make this a holiday hit.  Who says Daiquiris are only for the beach?
    Gingerbread Old Fashioned

    This old-fashioned variation is playing all the seasonal classics. This cocktail is reminiscent of drinking a whiskey by the fire while gingerbread is baking in the next room, all in one glass.  The combination of gingerbread, orange, and 100% rye Canadian whiskey with a hint of maple is the perfect start of finish to your night off.


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