Recipe: High Tea - The Drake
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    Recipe: High Tea

    If you’re not a booze drinker, Drake bartender Gord Hannah’s pretty, tasty temperance cocktail belongs in your (b)arsenal. Says Gord: “The High Tea blends fresh citrus and sencha kombucha tea with a Canadian-made non-alcoholic gin bursting with juniper notes. The Barbet Light Wave brings all the flavours together and adds notes of lavender, pineapple and cucumber, making a bright and refreshing sipper.”

    Made for the modern drinker, Canadian-owned Barbet boasts bold flavour combinations of sparkling water that are adventurous and fun for everyone to enjoy. Try it here in the High Tea, or have it on its own the next time you’re over at The Drake Hotel. 

    High Tea Ingredients 

    0.5 oz Lumette Bright Light (Non-alcoholic spirit) 
    1 oz Fresh lemon
    0.5 oz Detox tea syrup
    Top with 4 oz Barbet Light Wave


    Shake all ingredients together. Strain into a Collins glass and top up with fresh ice. Garnish with a cucumber spear and flower petals.


    Detox Tea Syrup Ingredients

    White sugar syrup (two parts sugar to one part water)
    Tea Squared Kombucha Detox Tea blend, steeped


    Combine all ingredients in a pot and boil until the sugar is dissolved. Strain and refrigerate for up to three months.

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