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    Get To Know Patricia Ghamami, Drake Devonshire’s New General Manager

    Meet Patricia Ghamami, Drake Devonshire’s new General Manager. Joining the fam with years of experience in the hospitality space both here and overseas, and driven by her longtime admiration for the brand, Patricia is ready to head up our Drake by the Lake. “I love the passion, inspiration and vision that fuels the Drake and the endless possibilities to have fun,” she said. Learn more about what she’s most excited to take on in her new role, her inspirations and what parts of The County she can’t wait to explore.  

    Can you tell us a bit about your journey in the hospitality space? How did you end up at Drake Devonshire? 

    I started working in restaurants as a teenager to pay for school and university. Once I finished school I continued to work in the industry as a manager and subsequently decided to move oversees and entered the world of hotel management through Food and Beverage.

    I ended up at the Devonshire after watching the Drake as a brand grow year over year from afar and admiring the growth and success of the business and wanting to be a part of this very special brand and growing it to the next level.

    What about this new role excites you the most? 

    I am so inspired by the brand as a whole. I can’t help but to feel passionate about the product and the people who represent it. I love the passion, inspiration and vision that fuels The Drake and the endless possibilities to have fun, create and grow the business.

    What upcoming season in The County are you most looking forward to and why? 

    I love every season equally, but I have to say, spring and fall are my two favourite seasons. Spring because the county awakes from its winter slumber and comes to life and fall because it’s harvest season and I want to help at a winery around here.

    Who or what brands in the hospitality and hotel space are inspiring you now? Why? 

    I would have to say Drake Hotel Properties first and foremost! I have always loved Four Seasons and Raffles for classic and timeless luxury. However, I think MGallery hotels are very interesting and inspiring. I like the lifestyle concept specifically designed to cater to female guests.

    What’s your go-to after work drink?

    I love a good Negroni if I’m having a cocktail, however, I am a wine lover so usually a glass of wine with dinner.

    What was the last thing you read? 

    A Promised Land, Barack Obama’s autobiography.

    Sunset or Sunrise?

    Both, but if I had to choose, sunset.

    Places you can’t wait to visit in PEC?

    Sandbankssadly I still have not been there!

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