Street Arts: Spaced Gallery x The Drake Hotel - The Drake
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    Street Arts: Spaced Gallery x The Drake Hotel

    Our friends at Banded Purple know how to put on a show — they’ve been producing provocative, push-the-envelope art and cultural events around Toronto since 2015. For their latest project, the all-outdoors Spaced Gallery (July 22nd-August 2nd), they’re showcasing works by five Black photographers and creatives, with a staggered opening over seven days around the Queen and Ossington area (including part of the exhibition chez nous). The artists in the show also happen to be grant recipients of the Black Creators Fund, Banded Purple’s ongoing initiative to provide funding and opportunities to Black creators whose creative practices and incomes were hit disproportionately hard by the pandemic.

    Bottom line? If you’re looking for an opportunity to wander, discover and appreciate new art outside the confines of a gallery, this is it. You’re welcome.

    The artists featured in Spaced Gallery are — to put it mildly — a talented bunch. Banded Purple’s founder Duane Bobbsemple gave us the lowdown on how (and why) to see it all.


    Who: Othello Grey

    Where: 248 Ossington Ave.

    Why: “Othello’s photos are visually stimulating and hyper-creative. Simply inspiring.” 


    Who: Jorian Charlton

    Where: PERMISSION, 127 Ossington Ave.

    Why: “Jorian’s usage of colour and space is exquisite, and there’s something authentic and honest about her subjects.”


    Who: Mallory Lowe

    Where: OCR, 145 Ossington Ave.

    Why: “Mallory’s work is deeply thoughtful, explorative and avant-garde.”


    Who: Curtiss Randolph

    Where: I Miss You Vintage, 63 Ossington Ave.

    Why: “Curtiss’ photography is a bit surreal. The photographs have an almost dreamlike quality to them, and his framing is next level.”


    Who: Jessie Emile

    Where: Cold Tea, 1186 Queen St. W.

    Why: “Her photos are pure, simple and stirring at the same time.” 


    Who: All participating artists

    Where: The Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen St. W.

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