Five Questions with Andrew Zukerman - The Drake
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    Five Questions with Andrew Zukerman

    Transforming a nondescript stairwell into a place worth loitering in is no mean feat, but multidisciplinary artist and all-around talented guy Andrew Zukerman has us covered with Dragging Mount Ida, his new installation at The Drake Motor Inn. We had a chance to catch up with Andrew to chat inspiration, imagery…and that enigmatic title.


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    Hi Andrew! Mount Ida is a place referenced in Greek mythology, a town in Arkansas and a mountain in BC. Which of the Mount Idas does this artwork’s title refer to? 

    It refers to the mountain from Greek mythology, the site of which a shooting star falls in the Aeneid. Perhaps not coincidentally, my late grandmother’s name was Ida. What do either of these references have to do with the work? Very little, except that there are a few stars in there…

    The colours in Dragging Mount Ida were inspired by a sunset you saw from your Toronto apartment window. Tell us more about that. 

    Sunsets are different every night and in every location, so many different and audacious colour combos – honestly, how can you not be in awe? The majesty! The one in question was from my bedroom window, a day before I was to mix the colours for the installation. Feeling perplexed and uninspired, all I needed to do was look out at the sky over the schoolyard, with its garish sodium lights, for the answer.  

    You say that Dragging Mount Ida tries to vibe-match The Drake’s aesthetic. Can you sum up that aesthetic in five words? 

    Dunno if I can sum it up in five words…but hope I succeeded.

    You’re a bit of a collage master. What images from your archive found their way into the artwork? 

    Thanks for saying so. We got a harvest table, a swimmer, some legs, a stunned woman and all manner of other vague, abstract-y type things.

    Final question! What’s the best thing about seeing art in unexpected places?  

    Best case scenario, it can be a transportive experience. Worst case, a nuisance. My aim was the former, but I’ll take the latter in a pinch.


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    A post shared by Andrew Zukerman (@zukerschnau)

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