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    Chef Reid’s Family Shortbread Recipe

    ‘Tis the season for breaking out those special recipes that just taste like the holidays. We asked The Drake Hotel’s Chef Reid Walton his favourite family recipe for Christmas and we thiiiiink you’ll be happy with it: shortbread cookies! 


    It’s a super easy recipe, you don’t have to be a Chef to pull it off!  It’s a recipe my grandma always made for the holidays and because she knew they were my favorite she would always bake an extra batch for me! I bake them with my children now at the holidays so I figured if a family recipe is what you’re after this is it! This year also happens to be our first Christmas without my grandmother so thought it would be a nice nod to her!


    -1 cup butter

    -1 3/4 cup flour 

    -1/4 cup corn starch 

    -3/4 cup icing sugar 

    -pinch of salt


    -pre-heat your oven to 325

    -in the bowl of a stand mixer add all the ingredients together

    -using the paddle attachment, mix on low speed, you’re looking to incorporate the butter with the dry ingredients, it should resemble a dry sandy mixture

    -now using your hands, kneed until the mixture comes together and forms a dough 

    -portion and roll dough into small balls (about 40g or the size of a golf ball) and flatten into discs 

    -bake for 12-15 minutes or just until the edges start to turn golden brown

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