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    Decorating the festive table with Creative Director Joyce Lo

    Got your take-out order in for Get Stuffed, and now making the rest of your plans for the occasion? We got you. We checked in with our Creative Director Joyce Lo to get her tips for setting the table so you can cross one more thing off your list. Thanks Joyce!

    1. Lay a craft paper runner and leave a bunch of markers for people to doodle. You can keep this after!
    2. Paint mini pumpkins in a solid colour and then paint splatter them a la Jackson Pollock
    3. Use long taper candles with vintage candle holders. Keep everything else quite low to the table so the tapers really stand out 
    4. Pepper the table with clementines
    5. Mini bunches of baby’s breath in mini vases 
    6. Keep your layout more random than structured
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