Tell Me What It's Called at The Theatre Centre - The Drake
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    Tell Me What It’s Called at The Theatre Centre

    For those in the know, The Drake Hotel is central to a vibrant and expanding cultural hub on West Queen West that includes galleries, design studios, and community-based program spaces. For those from out of town, be sure to check out our neighbours at The Theatre Centre (1115 Queen St. West). The Theatre Centre houses the BMO Incubator for Live Arts and builds their programming on a mandate that encourages non-traditional approaches to theatre and the growth of emerging talent.


    Tell Me What It’s Called is an experimental group performance that evolves and unfolds in front of an audience. Performers Joella Crichton, Andrew Gaboury, Robin Luckwaldt Ross, Ahmed Moneka, Joseph Recinos, Rashida Shaw, Elizabeth Staples, and Jessica Zepeda work collaboratively under the direction of Ximena Huizi to execute an innovative and playful production that investigates inter-personal relationships and human connection in a way that’s spontaneous and loosely improvisational.

    The performance itself is an organic mix of dialogue, games, song and music, in a series of scenes that move from one to the other as directed by Huizi. Scenes build off one another and influence the continued direction of the play, making each iteration fluid and unique.


    Tell Me What It’s Called is produced with the assistance of the RISER Project, a model that supports emerging artists and theatrical talent in Toronto through community building with the aide of senior leadership partners and additional support from the Government of Canada.

    Tell Me What It’s Called runs April 17th to April 24th 2018. The Riser Project also features speaking of sneaking, May 2-11, and Everything I Couldn’t Tell You, May 4-12.

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