Workflow - The Drake
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    with Sevan Ichkhanian

    • Thu Jan 26th @ 7:00PM
    • The Drake Hotel
    • All Ages
    • Modern Wing | FREE

    "There is a dream world that exists in my mind and heart that allows me to be free. While suffocated with anxiety in this physical world, photography is the one thing that gives me control to merge these two spaces into one and make my dream world into something tangible, into reality for others to experience too. The feelings I can’t communicate with words, all encompassing emotions of love, memories of the past/present/future turned into stories, and stories created through imagination turned into memories have led me to dedicate everything to my art and finding self reclamation within that. My life long works, The Tradition of Silence, aim to capture the raw honesty behind myself and my subjects, breaking the mold of generational secrecy, and using the act of photographing into a memento filled with meaning and intention. The tradition of silence stops because love is limitless." - Artist Statement, Sevan Ichkhanian


    Sevan Ichkhanian (she/her) is a Toronto based film photographer and visual artist. Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University, she continues to drive off experience and feeling to conceptualize themes of femininity and self-love into her artwork. By pushing the limits of vulnerability and sensuality, she captures her visual of contemporary culture through showcasing agency, community, and empowerment without judgement. The raw honesty and trust behind herself and models makes the act of photographing into an integral experience — sharing that with other like minded people make those individual moments of her world into a multiverse of divine celebration. 

    Instagram: sevanichkhanian