Workflow: Trinity Leon Solo Exhibition - The Drake
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    • Wed Aug 30th @ 7PM
    • All Ages
    • Free Admission

    Workflow presents a solo exhibition by Trinity Leon. 7PM_10PM

    Trinity Leon, the artist behind Rugs by Trin, is a passionate artist and designer dedicated to transforming living spaces into personalized masterpieces. Her unique pieces are crafted to elevate spaces and reflect the unique personality of those who inhabit them.

    "My art finds inspiration in the beauty of nature and the world surrounding us. I aim to inspire a deeper appreciation for the natural wonders around us. Through my work, I strive to capture the breathtaking essence of the natural world, encouraging viewers to pause and immerse themselves in the piece. I hope to awaken a sense of wonder, fostering a stronger connection with our environment. 

    Using colours, textures, and forms, I seek to convey the harmony and rhythm present in nature. My art serves as a gentle reminder to cherish and protect the serene moments nature offers us. Ultimately, my goal is to evoke a profound respect for nature's beauty, encouraging better care for the world that sustains us." -Trinity Leon

    Add your energy to the creative process as innovative artists from multiple disciplines showcase and discuss their work in the cozy confines of the lobby-turned-studio space.