Workflow: Mennen - The Drake
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    New Age: a Solo Exhibition by Mennen

    • Thu Feb 23rd @ 7:00PM
    • The Drake Hotel
    • All Ages
    • Modern Wing | FREE

    New Age is a small collection of visualizations using sensory experience, a dreamy style, and sculpted paint textures to explore the course of life. Inanimate objects with relatable functionality and other elements emphasized by the out-of-place vibrancy or soft and drained colours tell the narrative. Although a single figure is often centred, you focus on the relations and environment encompassing the individual. As if stepping into the body's movement or stillness and becoming the accidental oil spill, you react to their human nature.

    Artist Bio: Mennen (@vision.lure) is an emerging multidisciplinary artist that often conceptualizes work around the human figure or condition. Personal experience and the desire to make social commentary are her drive. By cognitively filtering customs or ideologies, she can communicate her stance. Their work is often explorative, subjective and thought-provocative, revealing playful intent that will combine opposite art styles like realism and abstraction. The colour palette and visual elements tend to be restrictive with distinctive features. Recently coming out of private practice, they have exhibited and connected more with those in the field. She continues to bring issues to the surface, taking advantage of creative liberty.