Workflow: Maya Skarzenski - The Drake
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    Eat Your Heart Out: a Solo Exhibition by Maya Skarzenski

    • Thu Mar 2nd @ 7:00PM
    • The Drake Hotel
    • All Ages
    • Modern Wing | FREE

    Maya Skarzenski (@mayaskarzenski) is an interdisciplinary artist, merging together painting, textiles, and photography to create work that explores the complex intersections between the abject and the beautiful. By utilizing material exploration and incorporating unusual process combinations, Skarzenski is able to dissolve the line between traditional fine-art and craft. Through the use of painting and textile techniques, she is able to create bodily imagery that is sensual and fragile, yet playful and ambiguous. Her work is an attempt to salvage beauty from the fear and unease associated with the human body. By exploring the body dismembered and then reconstructed, she creates landscapes, new creatures, and objects of ornamentation that offer a unique insight into the human condition. Through her art, Skarzenski seeks to challenge the ways in which we perceive the body and its place in the world.

    Skarzenski invites viewers to question their preconceived notions of beauty and what it means to be human. Her work navigates questions about the complex relationship between the body, materiality, identity, and the spirit. By weaving together these elements, Skarzenski creates evocative visual moments that are both captivating and thought-provoking.