Workflow: Eli Kimmer Solo Exhibition - The Drake
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    • Wed Oct 25th @ 7PM
    • All Ages
    • Free Admission

    Workflow presents “… just because.” a solo exhibition by Eli Kimmer. 7PM_10PM

    This body of work came from a simple decision: “go make something – just because.” A lot of the time before I start a piece I get consumed by the idea of “will it be good,” “will someone like it,” or “is it good enough compared to other things I have done.” These thoughts often cause delays, or even stop ideas dead in their tracks. For this collection, I wanted to make things just for the sake of making them as I did back when this style began in 2003. Drawing was (and still is) always something I did with no planning, and the mentality of whatever happens – happens. It was a release for me to slow things down and just be my most authentic self, and that was ultimately the goal of this entire body of work.

    This collection is done with all different size doodles, black and white, full colour and pieces are either standalone faces or overlapped. Some pieces are on new canvases, some on repurposed canvases, others on poster boards, and even skateboards.

    Eli is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Toronto. His artwork offers a freeform aesthetic and his canvases span from shoes, skateboards, poster boards, wall murals, and beyond. Eli’s doodling style goes back all the way to his grade 7 art class where the style was introduced to him.

    Add your energy to the creative process as innovative artists from multiple disciplines showcase and discuss their work in the cozy confines of the lobby-turned-studio space.