Workflow: Dan(yaal) Zia Solo Exhibition - The Drake
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    • Wed Feb 28th @ 7PM
    • All Ages
    • Free Admission

    Workflow presents God Parasite a solo exhibition by Dan(yaal) Zia. 7PM_10PM

    Do our human identities evolve with the technologies we use? Do algorithms change our dreams? I explore how we alter and splice what it means to be human through our obsession with innovation and reliance on technology. This exhibition, “God Parasite”, is a behind the scenes look at my upcoming transhumanist short film of the same name, which shows the cycle of reproduction and the alteration of identity. Created entirely on Blender, a 3D computer design software, this project is my sci-fi dream-horror birth child conceived after countless nights of learning, creating and re-iterating. The film mirrors my own journey of making it, of reflecting on whether my creation had become a parasite in my own life, molding my time around itself and infiltrating my dreams at night. After all, we create tools for easing our own lives, but could those tools change the way we behave? What if those tools grew minds of their own? Could they change us to fit their needs? Would they become parasites upon the human race, upon the gods that created them?

    Dan(yaal) Zia is a self-taught Pakistani born, Toronto based Artist. With a background in business, he left his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta to pursue a career as an artist and filmmaker. After a brief stint exploring photography and early AI imaging capabilities he began to hone his time into learning 3D design software. Photography was bound to the limits of capital and space, but using a computer, one can create vast surrealist landscapes beyond the bounds of reality. Armed with this newly learned medium, he began working on his debut art project, “God Parasite” which is due to release in early 2024.  

    Add your energy to the creative process as innovative artists from multiple disciplines showcase and discuss their work in the cozy confines of the lobby-turned-studio space.