Workflow: Danielle Vincent Solo Exhibition - The Drake
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    • Wed May 22nd @ 7PM
    • All Ages
    • Free Admission

    Workflow presents Slipped out of the Sun’s Sphere of Influence a solo exhibition by Danielle Vincent. 7PM_10PM

    Viewing my own experiences in the threshold between the comfort of familiarity and the disquiet of ambiguity, I depict transitional periods marked by disorientation, doubt, and loss of identity. I use intimate and domestic imagery to create an intersection of history, memory, and place. These liminal spaces are a passage through the threshold into the unknown: a journey forward and backward, between day and night, and dark and light. My work creates an entrance and exit to a narrative that you create, where you can reflect on your experiences of in-betweenness.

    Danielle Vincent is a Toronto-based artist specializing in oil painting. Her practice concerns the search for certainty and stability in the unknown of transitional periods. With her realistic renderings of familiar places and inventive portraiture, she brings the unseen into focus to examine glimpses into transient moments of contemporary life.

    Add your energy to the creative process as innovative artists from multiple disciplines showcase and discuss their work in the cozy confines of the lobby-turned-studio space.