Willis - The Drake
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    • Tue Apr 9th @ 7:00PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    Florence, Alabama based collective WILLIS has just released their 3rd album titled “Locals 3”. The 5-piece indie/rock band is comprised of Murphy Billings, Edward Armstead, Trey Murphy, Glenn O'Steen and Will O'Steen. The band that is already known for singles like “Real Estate Sale” and “Fight the Vegans” is coming out with an album full of melodic and surf-rock vibes. The album is a fully written, composed and well produced selection of 7 tracks that definitely show the characteristics of the band. All songs are recorded, arranged, written and performed by WILLIS.

    WILLIS started in 2016 in Florence, AL. Glenn and I had been playing music together for around two or three years with other groups and wrote songs but we wanted to start our own band with our own sound. We decided to team up with some of our friends from high school that played guitar, Edward and Trey. Will, Glenn’s brother was the final piece. He had always known and been around music and would just hang while we were just jamming so we kind of made him join. 

    Glenn and I (Murphy) were just sitting around thinking of names for around 3 months. We wanted it to be short and something that people could remember so we chose the name Willis. Willis is actually Glenn’s first name and I thought it matched the vibe of what we were trying to make so it just stuck with us.

    (2019, Buzz Music.)