What's In The Box: All Vinyl Everything - The Drake
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    What's In The Box: All Vinyl Everything

    Jester, Mastermind, Mista Jiggz and Mensa

    • Tue Dec 26th @ 10pm
    • Drake Lounge
    • 19+

    The legendary JESTER makes his long-awaited AVE debut! A home-grown, world class DJ in every sense, spinning at fetes and festivals worldwide. Jester will be living up to his ‘world’s most versatile’ moniker, bringing a wide assortment of genres together in a way only he knows. Absolutely not to be missed.

    MASTERMIND makes his return to the AVE fold! The pioneer in radio and a staple in Toronto’s rap community from the early 90’s, Mastermind is the name that brought the hip-hop mix show from community to commercial radio. His ‘Street Jam’ radio show was pivotal in putting Canadians on to the rap world at large, and a platform for putting the world on to Toronto.

    Alongside resident DJ’s Mensa & Mista Jiggz.

    Watch all four DJ’s in “Drop The Needle” the story of Play De Record, now streaming internationally on all platforms.