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    vanilla is black

    • Wed Jun 26th @ 7:00PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    A collective with the “funky spirit of Parliament, yet room to experiment like the Gorillaz,” Vanilla is Black has come to dismantle apathy, elicit groove, and redefine the industry by honoring what it used to be and catapulting it ions beyond.


    Composed of Chuck Inglish, Kevin Roosevelt, and Kenneth Wright, these aren’t names we’re unfamiliar with, though they invoke an entire fourth entity when they come together. A mosaic of sound, Vanilla is Black cannot be defined within the bounds of genre; their art is homemade, soul-bred, and for the people. There’s something deeply spiritual about their journey, as if they were anointed to remind us that music can still be funky and freehanded, bearing little resemblance to the conveyor built we’ve come to know today.


    Re-entering a very new industry, the trio are bright-eyed and curious, yet enlisting the wisdom they’ve cultivated and above all else, trusting their instincts. Upon the release of their debut EP U.Aint.Neva.Lied!, we got to talk to the band about starting over and doing it even more right.


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