Tommy Lefroy - The Drake
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    Tommy Lefroy

    with support from Haley Blais

    • Wed Sep 27th @ 7:00PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    Rebellious candour, existentialism, and friendship are at the crux of what drives and motivates songwriter, producer and artist duo Wynter Bethel and Tessa Mouzourakis. How the band came to be was a series of sliding doors moments and necessity, with both women 5000 miles apart during the pandemic and having their hearts broken, again and again. Bonding over literature and lyrical precision, the name Tommy Lefroy was born out of Jane Austen's real life Mr Darcy -- the original 19th-century fuckboy Thomas Langlois Lefroy -- a man who broke the author's heart. The penny dropped when Tessa and Wynter thought: why can't we be the strong female lead, and challenge literature's traditional role of the male character: the heartbreaker? From meeting in Nashville in 2018 to continually crossing paths at house parties, when Tessa went to see Phoebe Bridgers' supergroup Boy Genius play in her hometown Vancouver, she watched in awe and thought: "I want this, I can do this." She posted a cover of their song "Ketchum, ID" on her Instagram story and Wynter responded: "Can we start a band?." Both strong and "laughably existential" female characters in their own lives, and together, a musical powerhouse with an enduring soul connection, Tommy Lefroy moved to London and released their first single "Northern Towns" in 2021, followed by highly praised debut EP Flight Risk. (Wasserman Music)