Taylor Chan Daley - The Drake
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    Taylor Chan Daley

    A Solo Exhibition

    • Thu Jan 12th @ 7:00PM
    • The Drake Hotel
    • All Ages
    • Modern Wing | FREE

    "Working with clay gives me the ability to have a voice through clays abilities,  clay slumps, cracks, breaks, warps, and expands just as we all metaphorically do. I use clay’s natural characteristics to emphasize the fluidity and surface in my work. The integration between surface, form, and function is where I test the limits. My work consists of concepts that test the boundaries of maximalism. Walking the line of what is too much and not enough. What and where is the start point of excess? What is the limit? I often make things that test the boundaries of time- in the fast paced world of today I am interested in breaking the boundaries between function and art."

    Born and raised in London Ontario , Taylor first found ceramics at a young age through the BealArt program. From there, Taylor received her bachelor degree from Sheridan college. Taylor now teaches ceramics around the GTA at the Gardiner Museum, ClaySpace and ClayArt studios. Taylor is currently a resident artist at the Living Arts Centre.