Soran - The Drake
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    • Wed Mar 20th @ 7:00PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    The moment an artist realizes his musical capability resembles the moment a superhero embraces his power once and for all. 

    After quietly buzzing, Soran has grasped his destiny as a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Now, the Montreal-based half-Japanese and half-French artist architects a new vision for pop and R&B uplifted by interdimensional soundscapes and irresistibly infectious hooks. Blasting off independently with tens of millions of streams and views, he truly takes flight on a series of singles for Universal Music Canada and his forthcoming 2022 debut.

    “My superpower is making music,” he observes. “I’m incorporating my artistic inspirations from R&B to Pop and my heritage with Japanese moods. Everything has really aligned, and the music is just Soran.”

    He’s diligently worked towards this point though… 

    Music always surrounded Soran. His father played multiple instruments and kept drum sets, guitars, bass, and a mini-keyboard in the house. Meanwhile, Mom worked as a journalist for Japan and enrolled him in Japanese school until the age of twelve. Along the way, he learned three languages—English, French, and Japanese. 

    During a high school field trip to New York City, he bought a guitar from a homeless man, practiced constantly, posted videos to Facebook, and busked for a year-and-a-half at subway stations and on the streets. After making waves on La Voix (The Voice) in Quebec, he gained traction with his six-track self-titled EP, playing every instrument personally and generating 10 million-plus streams. Simultaneously, he lent his voice to HENRI PFR’s “Going On,” picking up a gold certification in Belgium. He reached viral impact with the likes of “IG Comments Song” in addition to clocking 15 million streams by featuring on “Julia” by GAMPER & DADONI. Soran maintained his momentum in 2021 with “Bottled Up” before catalyzing another creative evolution inspired by everyone from Frank Ocean and Kanye West to his “favorite band of all-time” The Police.

    In the wake of his mom’s passing, he plunged into his next chapter with purpose and passion.

    “It’s ironic, because I’m doing all of the things that she wanted me to do now, but she’s gone,” he admits. “It sounds like me, yet so much of it is my mom. I find a way to celebrate her in every song.”