SEB - The Drake
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    with special guest Justend

    • Wed Oct 9th @ 7:00PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    SEB was sick of writing about himself. “Baring my soul is a lot to put myself through,” he explains, realising the vulnerability of pouring his heart and most personal thoughts onto a track had become exhausting. He knew something needed to shift. So, when it came time to write his latest EP, ‘we were so beautiful’, he began to look outwards for inspiration. Allowing himself to write stories and narrate the lives of loved ones as opposed to his own, a new sense of freedom was born. 

    Composed primarily of love songs, the latest offering from the LA-based artist and producer sees him experimenting with not only his inspiration but his sound. Weaving together references from disparate acts from The Beatles to Grimes to Joni Mitchell, SEB uses this EP to forge a path, free of any limitations. Opening up on the project, he asks listeners to “take these songs as a collection of short stories. Heartbreak, fear, love, fun, all of that.” 

    Standout track, “sugarhoneyiceicetea” witnesses SEB merge different sides of himself, as he swerves from dreamy bedroom pop into a jazz bridge, on which he plays all the instruments. Continuing this theme of newness, it’s also the first time that he has tapped another artist for a feature. “moving on” features a verse from Khary, which provides a rap counterpoint to the warm, pop vibes of the hook.