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    Room Service

    with Teddy Fantum and Yung Shrimp Tempura

    • Thu Jan 1st @
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+
    • $10 at the door

    Enjoy a night of underground dance hits with this month's Room Service guests: Teddy Fantum and Yung Shrimp Tempura. 

    On October 7, Teddy released Fugue State, an album of warehouse underground dance tracks. Shifting from the melancholy rap records that he is known for,  Heavy bass grooves, synths and open hi-hats throughout the project are guaranteed to keep you moving deep into the late hours of the night. This recent perspective on music is bound to be present as he provides sound on November 4th in the Drake Underground. 

    Teddy is being accompanied by Yung Shrimp Tempura. After years of Kensington parties, Queen Street rages and late night underground functions, Shrimp has amassed an exceptional ability to keep the crowd dancing, whether he's playing trap, house or incredibly high tempo Brazilian dance music.