quinnie - The Drake
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    • Sat May 6th @ 6:30 PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    Singer/songwriter quinnie debuted her wispy vocals and intimate, home-recorded accompaniment on "talk abt" in 2018, releasing her first EP, gold star, the following year. She went viral on social media in 2022 with a fragment of her intimacy-positive song "touch tank," resulting in tens of millions of streams.

    New Jersey native Quinn Barnitt began releasing her home-recorded songs under the nickname quinnie in 2018, with "talk abt." It was included on the largely self-recorded EP gold star in July 2019. Among its other songs was a title track that she wrote while still in high school. That year, quinnie also shared a collection of demos, demos4u.

    The songwriter re-emerged in July 2022 with "touch tank". It was seen as a reaction to the hook-up mentality seemingly pervasive at the time and went viral, garnering tens of millions of clicks by the end of the year. She followed it with singles including September 2022's "man" -- described as a sequel to "gold star" -- and "itch," which appeared in November. Before the year was through, she released "thank you wisdom angel I love you," a two-song pairing that included a soft-spoken cover of the holiday classic "Silver Bells." (Marcy Donelson, allmusic.com)