Parenting in Theatre Forum - The Drake
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    Wee Festival: Parenting in Theatre Forum

    Hosted by Lisa Marie DiLiberto

    • Mon May 14th @ 10AM
    • Drake Underground
    • All Ages

    An informal gathering of theatre artists and stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities of balancing parenting with careers in the performing arts.

    Join the conversation at THE DRAKE Underground!

    SNACKS! Coffee and Pastries will be served.

    CHILDCARE! A children's area will be set up in the room with a friendly facilitator


    Together we will take a closer look at the barriers in our institutions, and the inherent obstacles in how we structure our own work that arise when we bring young children into the equation. And, we will brainstorm ways that theatre can become more accessible for new parents, with the resources needed to thrive instead of hide.