November Ultra - The Drake
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    November Ultra

    Bedroom Walls Tour

    • Fri Jun 30th @ 7:00PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    Perhaps, if one day Adele was free to make more experimental music, she would sound something like November Ultra, a Parisian singer-songwriter with a marvellously expressive voice that glides serenely over a mixture of offbeat ballads and darkly dramatic confessionals. Nova grew up in France with a Spanish mother and Portuguese father and has been singing since she was three, when her grandfather taught her how to sing in the Spanish romantic narrative tradition copla, as well as 60s musical songs.Add to that a love of Frank Ocean – whose legendary Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape inspired her name – a proficiency in professional songwriting for acts such as Jaden Smith, and Nova’s intensely vivacious personality, and you get her fascinating debut, Bedroom Walls. (The Guardian)