Nappi Hour - The Drake
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    Nappi Hour

    • Sat Aug 5th @ 11:00PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    Founded in 2017 Chicago, Nappi Hour was created for one simple purpose: to create safe spaces for all Black people to feel at home, everywhere. What does that look like? Knowing the amount of diversity that exists amongst us, one singular answer doesn’t work.

    There are a large number of identities within the African Diaspora, and an equally large disconnect between them. Some forgotten, some never learned, and some not celebrated. As a result of this, we noticed a social scene that generalized our people. The experience of going out and having a good time catered to one single monolith at a time. We saw an opportunity to build something unique that mixed together all of our cultures to create something great.

    Using a musical gumbo of the diaspora as a foundation, we curate unique experiences for an inclusive community to bridge the gaps between our people. After success in Chicago, followed by greater success in DC and NYC, Nappi Hour continues to provide experiences that bring us together.

    So, what does it look like to feel at home, everywhere? It looks like being in a room full of strangers, but recognizing that they are somehow still family. It looks like confidence on the dance floor. It sounds like the dancehall you hear at home often, the afrobeats you’ve recently been introduced to but feel connected to, and the 90’s R&B that brings the crowd together. It feels like a sense of belonging. There is a level of comfort and carefree energy with us that is incomparable to another.

    At Nappi Hour, it’s okay to let your hair loose.