Myriam Gendron - The Drake
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    Myriam Gendron

    with Kate Boothman

    • Wed Sep 7th @ 8:00pm
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    Ottawa-born, Myriam Gendron spent much of her youth in transition, her father being a foreign correspondent. She spent spells in Gatineau (Quebec), D.C., Paris, and Montreal, where she finally settled at age sixteen. Still in Montreal, she makes her living now as a copy-editor and book dealer, leading to her discovery of an anthology of Dorothy Parker poetry, titled Not So Deep as a Well. Parker’s poems hit just the right note and Myriam began putting them to music.


    “Before even understanding the meaning of the words, I heard a song,” she says. “I flipped through the pages and it just kept happening.” A nine-track album came out of it.


    Recorded and mixed in her bedroom, Myriam Gendron’s debut album started as a simple project but became more serious as she began to absorb Parker’s work. The album, also titled Not So Deep as a Well, is one of love and hate, all at once brutal, mischievous, humorous and blue.