Many Rooms - The Drake Hotel
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    Many Rooms

    w/ guest Angelo de Augustine

    • Sun Aug 12th @ 8PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+
    • $15.50 ADV

    Even at a young age, Houston, TX-based Brianna Hunt had a taste in music and art that leaned towards the melancholy. This inclination would follow her as she immersed herself in DIY punk and first conceived the earliest incarnation of Many Rooms, the moniker under which she records and performs.

    The existential ache and the desire to find relief is at the heart of Many Rooms’ debut full length, There Is A Presence Here- a stunningly bare album that finds Hunt reckoning with detachment from herself, her faith, and the people around her. With intense vulnerability comes profound catharsis, and making There Is A Presence Here would become one of many steps towards Hunt beginning to find solace.