GLOM - The Drake
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    • Sun May 26th @ 7:00PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    Striking a careful balance of moody introspection and honest good cheer, Glom are a six-piece band from Brooklyn, New York whose music is informed by indie and alternative rock from the 1990s onward, as well as the melodic sensibilities of classic rock of the '60s. Glom's songs are built around rough but tuneful guitar figures and washes of keyboards whose tone often nods to the glory days of new wave. Glom also boast agile harmonies that add a sheen to their performances while reinforcing the emotions expressed in the lyrics. The group's first album, 2019's Bond, documented their production smarts as well as their talents as performers and songwriters, while 2020's Merit was more thematically ambitious and diverse while upping the ante on the first LPs strengths.


    Sean Dunnevant (guitar, bass, and vocals), Jonathan Crandall (keyboards and percussion), Peter Beiser (guitar, piano, and vocals), and Sahil Ansari (guitar, percussion, and keyboards) were high school friends from the Washington D.C. area who had played together in a variety of bands, mostly covers ranging from the Beatles to the Strokes and Nirvana. College took the four friends to different parts of the country but they stayed in touch, and in 2014 Dunnevant and Beiser began collaborating on original songs. In time, Crandall and Ansari came back into the fold, and with the addition of Jordan Wolff (drums and keyboards), they became Glom. The band relocated to Brooklyn, New York and began playing out while they honed their material. Ansari had set up a recording studio to document Glom's material, and over the space of 18 months, they wrote and recorded the ten songs that made up their debut album, 2019's Bond. As positive reviews and enthusiastic word of mouth spread the word about the group, they added a sixth member, percussionist Jonathan Harwood. More work in the studio followed, and in 2020, Glom delivered their second LP, Merit, and the title track took off with listeners at indie radio outlets and on streaming services.