Geoffroy - The Drake
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    Good Boy Tour (Day 1)

    • Wed Nov 20th @ 7:00PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    Geoffroy is an essential and emerging voice in Canadian music. Now three LPs into a career that has solidified him as one of Quebec’s best artists, the Montreal-born songwriter and producer takes the next step internationally with the release of fourth full-length Good Boy, out June 14, 2024.

    Almost 10 years removed from his first release, this project was sparked with the intention of creating Geoffroy’s most authentic work to date, blending organic instrumentation and electronic elements into a bright and rich album filled with diverse sounds, a collection of songs that moves beyond the brooding depth that has defined recent works.

    Each past album that Geoffroy has released reflected a different tone and period in the artist’s life and his evolution and experimentation with different sonic palettes. In this case, Good Boy sees Geoffroy look back and collaborate with longtime production partners Clément Leduc and Gabriel Gagnon, but also incorporate a diverse collection of new background musicians and singers that brings the album to life in vibrant color.

    That diversity was driven by a gradual shift in Geoffroy’s influences, having spent recent years immersing himself in the worlds of cumbiamusic and a range of other latin and african rhythmic styles, that melded with his traditional singer-songwriter form to create something that feels truly international.

    In fact the record’s narrative was inspired by a trip to Mexico where he befriended - and ultimately adopted - a shelter dog named Papi, bringing him from the streets of Mexico City to Montreal. Papi serves as the mascot for the LP, but more importantly acts as an overarching metaphor for being lost, but ultimately found.

    Asked to reflect on the change in perspective that accompanied the transition from his previous musical era into this one, Geoffroy spoke to the clarity he experienced in terms of his own agenda in the creation of music.

    “Live Slow Die Wise had a slower pace and I was eager to step away from the nostalgia and melancholy I had visited and analyzed plenty in the past,” Geoffroy reflects. “I did what felt natural, a feel-good album (I think) that shed the weight of the other ones. I feel I’m getting closer to the sound I’m looking for, though I might be chasing something that’s faster than me.”