Fake Shark - The Drake
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    Fake Shark

    • Fri Aug 18th @ 7:00PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    With their latest single, ‘Paranoid,’ Fake Shark fully embrace their rock influences with an immensely hooky earworm that takes on the day - to - day doubts that, if left to fester, can seriously damage your state of mind. It’s a rare tune. One that manages to be personally revealing and universally relatable; a song any one who’s felt beaten down by the past two years and change can slip into easily and find their own frustrations and doubts reflected in.

    Featuring Chili Peppers - esque guitars, a relentless pop-punk vibe, and substantial depth, sonically and lyrically, ‘Paranoid,’ like all of Fake Shark’s music, finds the band blending the styles of a diverse array of artists and refusing to adhere to a paint-by-numbers approach.