Daniella Williams - The Drake
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    Daniella Williams

    A Solo Exhibition

    • Thu Dec 8th @ 7:00PM
    • The Drake Hotel
    • All Ages
    • Modern Wing | FREE

    Daniella Williams (@daniellawilliamsart) is working out of her studio in Toronto, Ontario pursuing her career as a painter, developing her body of work and exhibiting her paintings around Ontario with the hopes of expanding internationally.

    Williams graduated from the University of Guelph in 2019 with a BA(Honours) in Fine Art and Art History. Whilst studying she became increasingly drawn towards exploring ideas around intimacy, voyeurism, aesthetic beauty, ennui; the precarity of these qualities and how this experience could be rendered in paint.

    The artist has moved on to exhibit her paintings around acclaimed galleries, public spaces and group exhibitions across Ontario with the hope of expanding internationally. She emphasizes atmosphere gesture and expression while juxtaposing her figures in paintings that are rendered in active brush strokes, brightly lit scenes and a chromatic colour palette; ultimately bringing the subjects and atmosphere of her paintings to life. Her next steps as an artist include working towards showcasing her work globally, evolving her concepts, and developing her business as an entrepreneur and young female artist.