Cian Ducrot - The Drake
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    Cian Ducrot

    • Sat Apr 22nd @ 7:00pm
    • 19+


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    Cian Ducrot is an Irish singer-songwriter from Cork. Because his mother performs as a pianist and flautist at concerts, he has been involved with music at a young age, especially classical music. From his hometown he leaves for London to further immerse himself in the teaching of classical music. During a trip to Los Angeles, he finds out that he wants to continue his musical career as a pop musician and drops out of his studies at the Royal Academy. The multi-instrumentalist starts writing songs at a time when he no longer knows what to do with life. This is how his style also arises: melancholy piano parts with electronic influences here and there and emotional lyrics that fit his raw voice. In 2020 Ducrot takes his first real steps in the music world with the album started in college. In 2022, Ducrot releases the single 'All For You' with Ella Henderson.