1tbsp - The Drake
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    • Fri Nov 10th @ 7:00PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    1tbsp is an indie-house/dance project from Grammy Award Nominee songwriter/producer Maxwell Byrne, who is more commonly known for his work as Golden Vessel.

    Back in 2019 Maxwell began exploring elements of house music while researching songs for his DJ performances at “Sumoclic Nights”; a monthly event that he was hosting at a Brisbane venue. This eventually led to him creating some of his own tracks to use in those sets, and after a while he found he had a solid collection of songs that he really wanted to share with the world.

    With the direction of this new music being so different from the usual Golden Vessel sound, Maxwell decided to create a whole new project, giving life to 1tbsp.

    In 2021 he gave us his debut four-track ep titled “kanashī” which was released via Sumoclic; a label owned & operated by Maxwell and his friend Connor Grant (aka Akurei). That ep was met with much praise and attention from fans and music curators around the world and has since collected over 2.2 million streams on Spotify alone.

    Feeling excited and inspired by the reception to that ep, Maxwell continued to create more music for this fun new project. Later that year he released two double-singles – “Dhollandia // Circles” & “Stay Up // Rest” – and also started expanding his DJ performances into playing festivals and events, while also supporting the likes of Young Franco, BAYNK and daste. on their Australian tours. 

    Throughout 2022 Maxwell gave us a collection of new 1tbsp singles which saw him collaborating with the likes of Nick Ward, Allan McConnell (of Close Counters), Squidgenini and Sampology, resulting in a captivating four-track ep titled “Joan” which was released in December.

    Maxwell has promised there will be a whole lot more coming our way in 2023. (ra.co)