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    With purpose, conviction and compassion, the team at The Drake has been laying the foundations for a more equitable, diverse and inclusive culture. We recognize that this work will always be ongoing, and we are in for the long haul. We are hopeful about our plans for the future and are so grateful to the Kojo Institute and The Drake’s Black Community Council for their guidance and work with us.  

    It has always been our hope to create a neighbourhood hub rooted in our local surroundings and communities; to bridge the art of the moment with intentional hospitality that ignites a curiosity within the modern traveller and our local friends. We hope that the work we are doing will spark curiosity and inspire change in others.

    The Drake aspires to be a leader in the Hospitality Industry related to equity, diversity and inclusion and to set a high bar based on our commitments and actions. We use our voice, space and platforms to chart a course of positive change through our shared passions of art + culture and community partnerships and by striving to find better ways of doing.  

    We have made a long-term commitment and are actively working towards fostering a positive, welcoming, and safe environment that promotes equity and diversity for all guests and staff including but not limited to, Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC); refugees, newcomers and immigrant persons; two-spirit, LGBTQ2+ and gender non-binary persons, and persons with disabilities. 

    With open hearts and open minds, we: 

    • Amplify local, emerging and underheard artistic voices because we believe that communities sharing culture and stories can be transformational.
    • Work towards establishing an equity-informed and anti-racist hospitality company that welcomes the communities we serve.
    • Establish deeply rooted local partnerships that specifically address food security, health and wellbeing, and create opportunities in the arts and hospitality for young people.
    • Are a neighbourhood hub where locals and travellers alike experience culture, music and community stories.


    If you have any feedback or suggestions on these important Drake initiatives, we would be happy to hear from you at equity@thedrake.ca



    The Drake Black Community Council has been engaged to work with the Drake Hotel Properties (DHP) Executive team to advise, shape and make recommendations and provide feedback on DHP's Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion commitments, initiatives, policy changes, and opportunities. The Council assists DHP leadership by supporting opportunities to create change, foster new cultural partnerships, and build bridges with the community. The Council provides an enhanced perspective for DHP on behalf of our many stakeholders, including our team members and customers, to ensure that DHP reflects on business decisions with an equity lens.  

    Meet the Council 

    Erica Russell, Paul Taylor, Akinkunmi Akinnola, Charmain Emerson, Angelina Williams, and Joshua Dyer.