Permanent Collection | The Drake
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    Nate Nettleton
    Come and be the things you are, 2019
    The Drake Hotel
    wood, iridescent foil, acrylic
    Andrew Shoultz
    Special Place for special people, 2019
    The Drake Hotel
    Acrylic Paint
    Nevin Aladag
    Pattern Matching (red - flowers - yellow), 2015
    The Drake Hotel
    carpet collage
    Craig Doherty
    Upward Offset Circles, Fallen Leaves, 2016
    The Drake Hotel
    custom electronics, alupanel, LEDs animated colour information from online media
    Michael Vickers
    No Man is an Island / Everyman is an Island, 2016-19
    The Drake Hotel
    mixed media installation
    Unknown .
    James Taylor Tribute, Circa Late 1990's
    The Drake Hotel
    blank ink on wooden board
    Patryk Stasieczek
    Dark Light, 2014
    The Drake Hotel
    Interative Photogram Light Paintings on Fugitrans Chromogenic Paper, Colour lighting gels, 5 fluorescent lights
    Ken Lum
    Jim and Susan's Motel, 2000 - 2010
    The Drake Hotel
    acrylglas and acryl letters
    Aurel Schmidt
    Pretty, 2007
    The Drake Hotel
    pencil, coloured pencil and the artist's blood on paper
    Marcel Dzama
    Andy's Pawn #2, 2014
    The Drake Hotel
    screen print, glow paint, dixon pen and graphite on paper
    Laurie Simmons
    Red Head / Red Dress / Selfie, 2014
    The Drake Hotel
    pigment print 5/5
    Janet Werner
    Ariel, 2013
    The Drake Hotel
    oil on canvas
    Shary Boyle
    Jan of Finland, 2005
    The Drake Hotel
    oil on panel
    Evan Penny
    Back of Kelly, 2005
    The Drake Hotel
    silicone, pigment, hair, fabric, aluminum
    Matt & Susan Gorbet
    Heartbeat of The Drake, 2005
    The Drake Hotel
    Steel pipe, microphones, electronics
    Kurt Bigenho
    Experimental Modifiers, 2010
    The Drake Hotel
    lux minute minder, pink stretch vinyl, thread, tag
    Robert Waters
    Man At Computer, 2010
    The Drake Hotel
    Electrical and masking tape
    Artist Series
    Systems, 2018
    The Drake Hotel
    mixed media
    Brother's Dressler
    Brother's Dressler Pergola, Need Year
    Drake One Fifty
    Red & White Oak, Black Ash and Maple Walnut
    Mark Brudniski
    The Gantry, 2014
    Drake One Fifty
    Medium needed
    Olfactory Mapping, 2017
    Drake Commissary
    paper map, framed
    Wardrobe Snacks, 2017
    Drake Commissary
    large print photography
    Adrian Esperaza
    Opened, 2017
    Drake Commissary
    Thread, wood framework
    Kevin Connolly
    Xiphoid Process, SONG (after Walt Whitman), part 52, 2017
    Drake Commissary
    Plastic letters on Lightbox
    Ness Lee
    At Least, At Least, A Loss, 2018
    Drake Commissary
    Acrylic on Canvas
    Dahae Song
    Objects of Affection, 2017
    Drake Commissary
    Paintings of hands on tables, lacquered
    Alex McLeod
    Ancient Hills, 2017
    Drake Commissary
    2 part wall mural
    Kendra Yee
    The Onlooking, 2018
    drake commissay
    Blue Plastic, Mirrors, Boxes