My Night In Nine: Brandon Romanchuk - The Drake
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    My Night In Nine: Brandon Romanchuk

    My Night in Nine is a series where we ask some of our friends, collaborators, and all-around creatives to show us what a night at The Drake looks like for them in nine photos.

    Meet Brandon Romanchuk (@currentspaces), a Quinte West-based photographer and content creator passionate about moody and minimalist aesthetics. He’s spent years honing his skills as a creative and developing a unique style that captures beauty in simplicity. His work uses light, shadow, and composition to create evocative and emotive images that tell a story. Whether behind the camera collaborating with brands such as Clocks and Colours, Cuts or Thursday Boots (just to name a few) or mentoring a budding photographer he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with others to inspire creativity and encourage a deeper appreciation for photography. Recently we invited him over to ours to spend the night and capture our Drake-by-the-lake through his lens, and his photos do not disappoint.


    Instagram: Current Spaces 


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