My Night In Nine: Ernest Baker - The Drake
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    My Night In Nine: Ernest Baker

    My Night in Nine is a series where we ask some of our friends, collaborators, and all-around creatives to show us what a night at The Drake looks like for them in nine photos.

    Ernest Baker came up in an era when they told us that we could do anything — so that was his goal. Writing was his escape, and telling stories about the most influential musicians and athletes of our time took him from his native Chicago to around the globe. To him, it always felt like music and sports were the axis upon which the world revolved, so those were the circles he sought out and the spaces that colored his experiences. Whether it’s editing at your favorite publications, marketing at blue chip brands and record labels, playing ball, or playing music — he’s looking to leave a lasting impression. From New York and Toronto to Los Angeles and London, he’s been entrusted with bringing people from all walks of life together for a good time. That could mean anything from getting you out of your seat to dance or having you locked in on a panel about front-office politics. After more than a decade in the game across so many industries, if there’s one thing we know, it’s that he has the range to do it all.

    This month, we were lucky enough to have him ‘doing it all’ during Undisposible’s monthly Low Key Fire where he laid down some serious sounds at Drake Underground. Lucky for us he captured his TO stopover in nine photos.

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