Too Good To Go X The Drake Hotel - The Drake
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    Too Good To Go X The Drake Hotel

    When it comes to food waste, less is more, which is why we’ve partnered with Too Good To Go, an app that saves end-of-day leftovers from getting thrown away. The app connects communities with restaurants like The Drake Hotel and in our case, that means we get to make sure none of our freshly baked goods go unenjoyed. In Toronto alone, Too Good To Go says they’ve already saved over 204,000 meals—an amazing feat we’re so thrilled to be a part of.

    The Copenhagen-founded brand operates in 17 countries and is already saving meals in six additional Canadian cities including Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal, and Quebec City.  

    So the next time that 3 pm snack craving hits, open up the app and grab a surprise bag—your wallet, your belly and the planet will thank you. 

    Here’s how it works:  

    1. Download the app from the app store (it’s free!) set your location and see your favourite local restaurants, cafes and groceries.

    2. Search ‘The Drake Hotel’ and reserve a Surprise Bag. Already sold out? Add us to your Favourites so you can quickly find it the next time we have availability. Check back at the end of the day, around 4:45 to see if Surprise Bags become available. Our bags are usually filled with our freshly baked café pastries that didn’t sell during the day. Instead of tossing them, we list them on the Too Good To Go app for users to enjoy at a lowered price.  
    3. Drop by the The Drake Hotel within your pick-up time window and let the host know you’re picking up your Too Good To Go order.

    4. Enjoy your Drake goodies knowing you’re fighting food waste and helping the planet at the same time. A delicious combination, if you ask us!  
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