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    5 Cocktails To Try At Your Next Brunch

    What’s a weekend brunch without a drink (or two, or three…)? 

    But beyond your standard black coffee or a mimosa, if you’re looking for a way to make your go-to brunch drink more lively, we’ve got you covered. We enlisted Gord Hannah, The Drake’s Beverage Manager and bartender extraordinaire to round up five drinks—from unexpected morning cocktails and new twists on your old favourites—to try at your next brunch. Read on to find your next libation, and book your brunch table at Drake Devonshire and The Drake Hotel now. 


    Espresso Martini  

    This combination of vodka, espresso and sugar has countless variations that all share the same delicious flavour profile. Much like pizza, the espresso martini is hard to mess up—but simple is always better. Originally designed as a late-night pick-me-up drink, The espresso martini’s coffee base makes it a perfect boozy replacement for the usual cup of joe that you would imbibe during brunch. 


    Kisu Spritz  

    Where there is coffee, there is almost always tea. The brunch drink list should be no different. Our Kisu spritz uses a tea that combines green tea, kombucha, sunflower petals, ginger, safflower petals, candied grapefruit peel. That tea is then added to a combination of Junmai sake, elderflower liqueur, lemon, cucumber, and sparkling wine, making this a great cocktail to enjoy the latter part of your brunch. This low-ABV creation is a perfect sipper to be enjoyed on a patio in the sun. 



    Named after a flowering plant, the mimosa is a brunch staple. Bubbles and fresh orange juice in a flute, it’s that simple. The drink originated in Valencia, which is famous for its oranges, but don’t limit yourself to the original recipe—for a twist, try it with grapefruit for a brighter, fresher take.


    Drake Caesar 

    This reviver is a great way to get over your night and start your day. Vodka, Carrol & Co’s patented bloody mix, Clamato and a celery salt rim. Garnished simply with lime and olives, this is the next day cure. The classic comes with vodka, but the Caesar is actually the perfect vessel for whatever you want to put in it. Whether it was gin or tequila you were drinking last night, the Caesar is the best place to add in the same hair of the dog that bit you.  


    The Breakfast Martini 

    If you love cosmos at dinner, you’ll love a Breakfast Martini at brunch. Invented by legendary bartender Salvatore Calabrese at the Lanesborough Hotel in London, this boozy brunch offering—similar to a cosmo—has craft vodka, orange liqueur and fresh lemon, but in place of a cosmo’s cranberry juice, the Breakfast Martini has bright gooseberry marmalade. 

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